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Making History

             This essay contains a few reasons of how history as a discipline is beneficial to society and the purpose history overall. Also how a journal I so important especially for a subject like history. As well as using History of California journal as an example on how a history journal works and the contents. It includes the time the journal has been written as well as who wrote the journal. There is information on reoccurring topics from the journals which were written. The topics were the development of Los Angeles, Mexican California, and development of railroads this essay include the answers towards questions related to the works of the California history. This journal is definitely highly encouraged to be used for a reference when given an assignment doing with the State of California and anything that has to do with its history. For example if you need to know about Native Americans in California, or how Los Angeles was developed. .
             History as a discipline serves a great purpose to the world and most importantly, society. The reason being, history is the records of society whether it was good or bad. There is a sense of Identity that comes with learning history. It gives the opportunity to know where you came from biologically and culturally. What some people may not understand is that history is a powerful subject because it is knowledge. The saying "knowledge is power " really comes into play with history. If few people really knew history they could lie to the public and say their own things to benefit them and ultimately make them very powerful. Just imagine all the achievements of humans forgotten because there is no history record. Thankfully there is history and historian ambitious to find out about the past and to inform the people of it.
             A vital component for historians to talk about their findings, are journals. The help organize the information for the historians and ordinary people that are interested on learning about the contents of the journal.

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