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Violence in Teen America: Why?

            In the essay "The Consequences of "Carnage as Entertainment"" by John Ellis, Ellis lists several occurrences that took place in a school environment where a student has committed a violent act, in which the student killed classmates, teachers, and even a parent. Ellis believes violence exposed on television and in media is the leading cause of teen violence and school massacres. Ellis argues the fact that students are aware that if they commit a violent crime such as opening fire in a classroom and engaging in a shooting spree they know they will receive an abundant amount of media attention, thus in a sense, the student will become a "celebrity"(25). With the violence portrayed in television, movies, and media augmenting each day, Ellis strongly believes that school massacres will also augment, leaving society at a "crossroads" (25).
             Although the violence depicted on television, movies and in the media have a significant influence on Teen America, it can not be looked at as the only cause for the senseless acts of violence that resulted in school massacres. Drug and alcohol abuse, psychological distortions, and an unhealthy home environment are also other major influences that can cause a teenager to engage in violent acts such as school massacres.
             Drugs and alcohols have been scientifically proven to adulterate the central nervous system and can cause a dramatic change in emotions and logic. According to the .
             Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, in an average month, about 9 million American teens drink alcohol. Alcohol slows down the central nervous system and can make people exceedingly aggressive and angry. Certain drugs like cocaine, crack, and speed can make also people exceedingly aggressive and angry as well. Alcohol and drugs not only influence a person to act violently, but they can also encourage or provoke violence in the sober people around the alcohol or drug user (SAMHSA).

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