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violence and video games

             Violence among teenagers in America has risen in the last decade. Through school shootings and acts of vandalism, teens have become subject to question by many people. People are searching for answers on why teens have become so violent. Some suggest that it is because of the breakdown of family structure while others insist that television and movies are the motivation behind acts of violence committed by teens. Who is right? No one really knows, but I will explore an issue that has recently become popular. Do violent video games cause young people to commit crimes? .
             Now days there are many video games available for teens to buy. There are many game systems available to buy such as playstation 2, Game Cube, and X Box. With these systems come many games that are easily accessible by children. Although sports and educational games are out there, teens choose to buy violent games. Duke nukem, Diablo, and doom, are a few violent games that are available for purchase by anyone over thirteen years of age. In these games your main objective is to kill people. Should our children be able to play games in which the objective is murdering other people? .
             This issue is very interesting to me. I believe that there are many factors that combine to take someone over the edge to commit an act of violence. Not only do factors play a part in taking someone over the edge, but I think that a person also has to have personal problems or some sort of an illness that would cause them to be harmful or violent to the people around them. There are many people who play violent video games and have no intention of acting in any sort of violent manner. In the past decade there have been instances such as Littleton Colorado and the trench coat mafia led people to believe that video games play a role in a teen's action of public displayed violence. .
             I need to expand my knowledge of teen violence to write the remaining two papers.

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