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Video Games are Sources of Violence Entertaining!

            When I buy a video game, I do not pick the game that makes me want to shot up the nearest school, I do what most people do, pick the game that they would enjoy the most when they play it. Then, why do people think the increase in school violence is because more and more kids are playing video games like Half-Life and Quake? It is true, these games are pretty graphic and they are not killing aliens like in Space Invaders. They are shooting other human figures controlled by other players on the Internet. These games have been under the eyes of many people since the Littleton Co. shooting. The students "Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were avid players of the popular shoot-'em-ups Doom and Quake," says Paul Keegan in an article entitled Culture Quake: What happens to a generation immersed in the most violent, interactive entertainment ever created? But are these games source of violence? Or is it just a coincidence that these students happened to playing these video games for entertainment? .
             For the past few years, there have been several school shootings, the worst at Columbine High School, and since then people have been looking for the source to which this rage and violence is coming from. The American Psychological Association did a research Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior in the Laboratory and in Life and they concluded that "a graphically violent video game increased aggressive thoughts and behavior"(Anderson). These games are so graphically detailed, that the technology is also used by moviemakers to produce such blockbusters as Terminator2 and even Saving Private Ryan. And even the Military uses these games to train their soldiers to fight. The games do simulate real life battle with correct physics and visual feeling that cause many people to get a headache when they play for the first time. But since the start of the school-shooting fad, these games have been received a lot of negative feedback.

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