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culturally accepted desensitiz

             Culturally Accepted Desensitization.
             As advancements in technology become more frequent, the number of new mediums in which media is conveyed and in which society is entertained becomes extremely diversified. New communication and entertainment media "primarily directed toward younger generations, including television, movie, music, and video games "have become increasingly more violent and hazardous to society's well-being. In modern day society, these new mediums are bombarding younger generations with many pictures and words that glorify violence, sex, and drug use. The increasing exposure to violent images leads many people to believe that society's younger generations are becoming desensitized to violence. This exposure is widely socially accepted, in part due to the gradual nature in which these new media have taken hold. From Leave it To Beaver to MacGyver to Celebrity Death Match, the evolution of entertainment has gradually become more violent in order to get the consumer's attention and attract their business. Virtually every young child has some sort of entertainment system (video game), along with multiple televisions in their home. On most Christmas lists there are requests for the most recent and most gruesome video game or music album, which most parents happily purchase for their children despite parental advisory warnings. Such entertainment has become a large part of modern society. When young people become desensitized to violence; it means that gradually they will begin to not be aroused by violent scenes and not be bothered by violence in general. Children perceive video game violence as play and become immune to the horror of violence in real life. This makes them less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. This makes them more likely to behave in an aggressive and harmful manner towards other people. .

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