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Expository Essay - Cultural Identity

            Cultural identity has a significant function in every individual's lives. It is an effective factor in shaping one's identity and molds us. It is accumulated by knowledge, values, attitudes, social roles, perceptions, way of life, and way of earning. Culture identity is defined as one's own personal sense of culture. It also refers to the traditions, customs, and practices that affect us. Each individual possesses his or her own unique identity and culture. The purpose of this essay is to focus on the extent that cultural identity does indeed affect human interactions in a positive and negative manner. In addition, I will focus on the "melting pot theory" and how immigrants will assimilate to the country that they newly reside in. They will quickly accommodate to the American Value System.
             According to "melting pot" theory, once immigrants migrate to this new country, they will absorb the new culture quickly and eventually complement their "mother land" traditions. They will adapt and assimilate. They will be accustomed to the lifestyle that was brought to them. They will seek direction, hope and familiarity. In the end, they will seek solace in the routines and habits of their cohorts. This paper will focus on three readings in defining human interactions and the need for improvement and progress. I will also include my own experiences of cultural identity. .
             While growing up in Vietnam, I was taught practices of different traditions. My family is Buddhist and at an early age I was told what was acceptable and unacceptable for me to do. My family's cultural identity plays a huge role in shaping who I am today. In "American Dreamer," I identified with the author. Mukherjee describes her story of coming to the U.S. and becoming a citizen. The author felt that it is a big transformation between a foreign student and U.S. citizen. There indeed is a significant difference between people who immigrate and people who were born here.

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