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Obstacles of Cultural Heritage Protection

            It is known to all that cultural heritages can be divided into tangible ones and intangible ones. They are all created by the wisdom of our ancestors and they should be handed down from generations to generations. Everyone has the responsibility to protect this valuable wealth. However, as our society is changing every day and various things are happening unpredictably, there are some barriers to the cultural heritage conservation. On one hand, Natural disasters and natural erosion may do certain harms to cultural heritage. For example, the most recent event, Nepal earthquake caused lots of death and a great number of economic losses including the destruction of their ancient temples. They are all very precious hierons. At least 11 of these world cultural heritages that have been existed for several centuries all collapsed completely due to this earthquake. Thus, we can know nature can have really negative, sometimes even lethal impacts on cultural heritage.
             On the other hand, the human-induced factors are actually the major reasons to affect our cultural heritage. Firstly, demolition will influence cultural heritage a lot. For instance, in Dong'an County, Hunan province, Wugong Tower, a provincial cultural relic, is not even given a proper maintenance. Also plenty of historical and cultural constructions like Wugong Tower are in jeopardy because of destructive demolition by developers and local government. Secondly, over-visitation and overexploitation are problems that can't be neglected. Mount Tai in Shandong built three cableways which inserted straightly into mountain top and one of the cableway stations destroyed 19000 square meters of the terrain. This is the severest damage Mount Tai has ever had. Thirdly, malicious vandalism, such as grave robbery and pollution is putting cultural heritage in danger. .
             Recent years, as more tombs and sites are discovered in Shandong, some grave robbers started coveting to the fields of cultural relics and there happened several tomb-raiding incidents in cities like Zaozhuang, Linyi, Jining, and Heze.

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