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Cultural and Educational Inequalities

            There are many times in our life it happens that we completely change our mind just because we get so much influenced by our surroundings. Cultural influence, social expectation, plays a huge role in people's growth and development. Now a day's television medium also plays a very important role when it comes to educate general public, because this medium is the easiest way we can put our point of views about anything and everything in front of everyone plays biggest role in influence big mass of people. We read many articles about gender inequalities in which because of social expectation image of women is way different than men onscreen and of screen which is very sad. This whole stereotypical mindset about women, poor people and people of different color has immensely affected our educational system. .
             Even female characters onscreen are questioned all the time just because they female. When it comes it male characters nobody ask them why they made like in such a way but if female character something which is not accepted in our daily life then it is something that should not be shown. For example Buffy from "Buffy the Vampire" was criticized so much at the time that it underwent major revision between two texts, because it was not what everyone was used to of seeing.
             When we talk about public mindset it all comes from their culture, their upbringing and atmosphere around them. Not in every culture or religion gives equal respect to women in compare to men. Some part of the world women are not even allowed to have a basic education just because it is not allowed in their religion. Women are treated like some nonliving thing which unfortunately are just used as source which gives them son. Like I said media plays very important role because slowly it is changing everyone's mindset about women and their importance. Other side of this coin is that uneducated parents don't want to have a girl child because of all these social norms which creates another problems in the society of killing girl child before they even born.

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