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Classroom of america

             Classroom of America 2.
             Inequality in the Educational System.
             The United States of America has long been referred to as the "land of the free,"" a place where "all men are created equal."" But how united is America in the classroom? Within America there is a large population of peoples who have been, and continue to be, oppressed in this land of the free. They are not treated as equal, and are sometimes treated inferior in comparison to the dominant culture. Indeed, this cycle of inequality can begin at a young age, through the experiences in a child's environment. Since many children will spend a considerable amount of time in school, the importance of education's impact on socialization cannot be ignored.
             Racial bias in the education system is a widespread problem, with serious implications. The effects of socialization on the development of a child's identity are crucial in these formative years. Bias in educational materials used, teachers' expectations, tracking, testing bias, linguistic differences, and lack of positive role models all combine to offer a less than comprehensive education. Cultural differences between those who control educational institutions and many minority students result in a biased educational system that neglects many students.
             Unfortunately, many in the majority culture disagree with the view that the educational system in America is lacking. These people often argue that everyone receives the same education and opportunity to succeed in society. Motivation and .
             Classroom of America 3 .
             personal achievement dictate success. This is a nave and dangerous assumption drawn from the underlying capitalist values of the dominant culture. .
             The reality of education's place in society can best be explained by employing the conflict theory (Kornblum, 2000). Conflict Theory attests that the educational system's true function is to reinforce and perpetuate the inequalities existing in society.

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