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Opinion Paper

            Everyone has his or her own opinion, on every issue or controversy that there is in .
             The issue i will be telling you my opinion on, is the violent video game issue. .
             There are video games out there that are very violent and that involve killing people or .
             participating in other violent activities. These video games are usually labeled with a .
             sticker in the lower left hand corner that have a MA logo on it, which stands for mature. .
             In order for someone to purchase these games they must be eighteen years of age. .
             Because of the fact that our society uses violence for entertainment, in movies and .
             news broadcasts, I believe that violent video games should be allowed. As much as we do .
             not agree with violence, it is always going to be a part of this world. Violence is a very .
             wrong thing and I do not agree with violence at all but a video game is not real, and there .
             are some kids out there that understand that and there are kids out there that do not .
             understand it, I believe that is the fault of the kids parents, because part of a parents job is .
             to teach there children what is right and what is wrong, but that is a whole other issue. .
             Since that it is eighteen-year-old teenagers or older people that are buying these games .
             they should definitely know right from wrong at this point in their life. .
             Another reason I feel that these video games should be available, would be because .
             of the fact that parents do have the right to keep the game from there kid, in my case I .
             ounce rented Grand Theft Auto Three, which still today is the most controversial game .
             that is out on the market and my dad told me that it would never be allowed in our .
             household again, because I had younger sisters, I never played it at my house again. Parents our a big part of the violent video game issue they can always take there kids .
             video games and or game systems away. Some people say that younger kids are .
             impressionable, but if they aren't allowed to express violent feelings in video games, they .

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