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Scientific Theory Paper

            The scientific method is a very important and essential part of science and a way to understand the world that we live in. The scientific method follows a standardized procedure that almost all scientists use today which is universally accepted. This standardized procedure can begin with a simple observation or question that can lead to a theory or law that is generally accepted by everyone in the world. When done accurately, the scientific method can help produce a greater understanding of the world and help eliminate any problems or bias that may come with developing a specific scientific theory. .
             There are a couple main steps that are involved in the scientific method. This process often begins with something as simple as a person or group of people observing a phenomenon or asking a question, and then they may form a hypothesis to test these observations or questions. A hypothesis is best described as an educated guess on what the person thinks is the answer to their question or the cause of the phenomenon they observed. The next step consists of them beginning to think of a way to test the hypothesis to prove that it is correct. After developing a hypothesis, the person then must collect data or scientific facts, perform research, or design a test for this hypothesis. This hypothesis must then be able to be communicated to other scientists that can perform the same tests and get the exact same results under the same conditions. After developing a hypothesis many different things can happen depending on results of much research, data collection, or testing by the person who proposed the hypothesis and other people who are testing it as well. If a hypothesis is proven incorrect, it can either be altered based on the results and tested again or rejected entirely. If the hypothesis is proven correct it is considered a theory (Introduction to the Scientific Theory). Sometimes a theory can be proven even more and becomes a law that happens every time.

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