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Cencorship in Society

             The United States Constitution gives Americans many rights. One of those rights is the freedom of speech. A controversy has erupted in the United States because the government is unable to determine the limitations on this right. "In early America, when our forefathers wrote the Constitution, profanity was not accepted" (Shoeder 72). This statement makes determining the true definition of "speech" difficult. Many people believe profanity is an acceptable form of language. These people feel that they are free to say what they want because of their freedom of speech. These people should begin to consider the rights of others. Due to this insensitivity, a child can have a hard time walking down a street without hearing offensive words. Parents are expected to explain and make excuses for the vocabulary being used by others. Profanity has become out of control, and has had a great role in the moral decay of our society. A main goal for parents and government officials should be!.
             the regulation of profanity in the United States. .
             Adults are formed through the experiences of their childhoods. The way a person acts and speaks is often determined by what they were around at a young age. When a parent uses profanity, a child may feel free to use these words too. For instance, a mother may not intentionally use profanity when cutting her finger while in the kitchen. As a result of the mother's action, a child may use the same words when he gets hurt (Hochman 29). Parents and other adults play a great role in a young person's upbringing, so it is not surprising that children imitate their guardians' actions. Growing up without a role model forces a child to look for other sources to imitate. Although television has role models for children to admire, most of them are not beneficial for them. Unfortunately, this does not stop them from imitating the behaviors of these "role models." Profanity has even become entertaining to television viewers, many of which are children.

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