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The Role Media Played in Military Conflicts

            So all i have to do is give you guys a essay i wrote? if thats all there is to it and theres no hidden fees you guys are life savers thanks!.
             For my media and society in the twentieth century essay I have decided to answer question eight. I will answer this question by discussing the extent that the media played an adversarial role in military conflicts since the 1960's (that is, a role critical to the government and the military) I will address certain examples that show the extent that the media played an adversiaal role in military conflicts since 1960 and answer the question by the end of my essay.
             According to the book the media at war news and entertainment media alike has been saturated by images of conflict throughout a war-scarred century. Development of technology have allowed civilians to see wars close up in there own living rooms. The media has brought wars like the Vietnam War and the gulf war to our living rooms and has provided coverage of military conflicts since the 1960's. Its role was also to provide propaganda against the enemy like it did in the gulf war; it dehumanized the enemy and did a good job as well. .
             There was conflict between the military and the media and that was born in contradictions and grounded in ambiguity. There is relations between the media, the public and the American foreign policy. When America goes to war the press goes to war as well to provide the public coverage of the war and the reporters go to the battlefields to film the action. At there own risk, since reporters have become casualties of war as well.
             The media have played a role in military conflicts since the 1960's. They've shown the public them and also gathered public opinion about them. The media has covered many military conflicts such as the Vietnam War, the gulf war, the cold war and many other war's. The media also showed the gulf war of 2003 to the public. .
             Television has adopted the point of view of the soldiers; it too tended to dismiss both political doubts and moral qualms.

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