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The Ongoing Conflict of Russia and the Ukraine

            Just recently, 298 people perished from the devastating crash of Malaysian flight MH17. The flight originated from Amsterdam, Netherlands and was on its way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when it plummeted to the ground of Ukraine that is currently controlled by pro-Russian militias. Several allegations ensued right after the incident. Thereafter, it appeared from the initial investigation that the plane crashed because an on-ground missile was fired hitting the aircraft. Some people imputed to Ukraine this tragic incident, accusing the state for killing all those people aboard the plane. Meanwhile, another point of view of the tragedy surfaced, which appeared to be more sound considering all the facts of the case "that it was Russia that fired the missile and not Ukraine under the belief that the aircraft was a Ukraine plane entering the conflict zone controlled by the Donbass People's Militia. The blame-game between Russia and Ukraine continued causing other countries, especially Malaysia being the country of citizenship of the MH17 aircraft, involved. Whether it was Russia or Ukraine that fired the missile, one thing is very clear "that the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is adversely affecting not only the citizens of these two countries but also innocent people from other parts of the world. .
             As mentioned, the missile that allegedly hit the Malaysian flight MH17 came from pro-Russian separatists occupying the territory of Ukraine where the aircraft crashed. Further investigation showed that the militia responsible for the incident consisted mostly of Russians and not ethnic Ukrainians (Lee and Durando). It appeared that the leader of this militia was a person called Igor Strelkov, popularly known in the group as Igor the Terrible. What was even more appalling was the fact that Igor claimed responsibility for the crashing of the airline. In social media site, Igor, according to news, broadcast that the destruction of the plane was due to the act of the members of the Donetsk People's Republic for having mistaken the Malaysian aircraft for a Ukraine military transport aircraft.

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