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Violence In Video Games

            Are video games introducing aggressive behavior?.
             In recent years, technology has introduced many forms of entertainment, the most popular being video games. Since their introduction in the 1970's, parents have been concerned with the addictive power that games can have on children. The concern has shifted from the addiction to the possible effects that the violence in the games have on the behavior, personality and health of the children. .
             Games have radically changed over time. The information obtained in today's video games may incorporate an aggressive behavior in interactions with adults and other children. This is due to the violence acts portrayed in the games. Some of the negative effects may be increased fear of being victimized by violence, self-protective behaviors and mistrust of others, and emotional desensitization toward real world violence. There were some games that were for pure entertainment and enjoyment, such as, Tennis and Ping-Pong. But now, as the systems develop and advance, the childish themes lean toward violent themes. The graphics have advanced to make the characters, actions, movements, and sounds seem realistic. At this point, the popular category of video games is war-type games which caused children to become aggressively involved in the role of the character. The games encourage children to mimic the violence displayed on the screen, causing mental and physical effects in respect to post game aggressive tendencies and behavior. The child becomes easily annoyed and frustrated with anyone who disturbs him or her. This attitude is a direct effect of being involved in the game being played. The tension and behavior comes out toward other people who the child comes in contact with in their everyday lives.
             Our young children of today prefer to play games and watch television instead of playing outside with friends. Playing common games, such as, Kickball and Baseball are now considered boring to children.

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