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Violence in Video Games

            The Exposure of Violence in Video Games to Children.
             Steve Russell is credited with the invention of the first video game, a two-player game where each player flies around space and tries to shoot each other, titled "Space Wars." The game featured two, white "rocket looking" ships on a black screen, which could be moved by the user. The object of the game was to shoot the ammunition out of your rocket and hit the other player. After a kill, the victorious player would wait five seconds before the next round begins. At the end of the rounds, the player with the most kills won. The game's 1962 release sparked interest from people all over, specifically children, which were amazed by its interactive nature and high level of addiction. The popularity of the game increased as time went on and modifications of the game play occurred throughout the next year. No one, during this time, could imagine what was in store for the, newly created, video game industry in the decades to come (Video Game Culture).
             According to a report in Pediatrics, the video game industry has become the second most popular form of media, behind television (1222). Its impact on the modern culture has increased year by year since the birth of "Space Wars". In the beginning, video games were mostly played by people interested in computers and technology, but since then video games have become an everyday part of some people's lives, particularly children. One reason video games appeal to such a young audience is because they are so easy to play and even if kids are unfamiliar with a game, they will quickly catch on. Once the system is set up, no technological knowledge is needed, allowing the children to plug in a controller and begin the game instantly (Fromme).
             Due to video games impact on our culture and the rise of their popularity, controversy about whether or not the nature of some games is appropriate for its intended audience, children, has arose.

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