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How Could it Be?

             How did it come to this? He thought to himself, taking a sip of his ice tea; that's the only thing that could really calm his nerves these days. From what he could remember, this is the depressed he had ever been, at least in a while. He remembers times with countless friends, a social life, and independence.
             He sits by the window in his favorite green chair and allows his mind to drift. He's been trying hard to avoid thinking lately because she fears that it might bring on more depression. Tonight on the other hand, when the rain is pouring down outside the window he did. The smell of the wet grass and pitter-patter sound of tears from the sky never failed to make him think.
             He curls into a reassuring blanket, and sinks deeper into the comfort of his chair as he remembers how it all started going wrong. He begins whispering that everything will be all right. Sighing, he wonders, what "all right" could possibly be? He makes a note of things that are all right in his life. He doesn't even hate his life anymore. He just accepts it for what it is. Taking a deep breath, he thinks about the one choice he made that changed life. The one about her.
             She was beautiful. With her auburn hair flowing perfectly with the curves of her body. Not too tall, not too short, the perfect size for him. Her smile was always pleasant, like she was always happy to see you. Then her eyes, that looked like two sapphires were placed there. They were amazing. Gazing at them it was as if you were looking into another dimension in time. He was comfortable around her. More so than with any other girl he had ever been with. This is the one girl he could say that he was truly 100 percent comfortable being around. Her personality was great, with a sense of humor and wit that greater than his. She was calm and inviting, and that was exactly what he needed.
             A sigh escapes, as he thinks about how perfectly happy they were.

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