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How hitler could have won WWII

            How Hitler Could Have Won WII? It is easy to look back on decisions we made in the heat of the moment, and realize how wrong hose choices really were. Some decisions made in this war should have been better thought out. This book explains some of the decisions that were made. His main point is that the Nazis could have probably won the war if Hitler would of listened to his knowledgeable generals instead of just going ahead with his own egotistical goals. .
             In the process of telling the story, Alexander describes a number of bad moves made by the allies as well. The problem with wondering what "could have been," is that other situations might have changed as well, and things might not have been so straightforward. He does make this book interesting, as he gives great detailed explanations of strategy, battles, and politics. He also illustrates this book with maps, showing where the allies advanced and retreated. Alexander points out Hitler's biggest error, being his attack of the Soviet Union before conquering the rest of Europe. He explains the details of why it was such a .
             mistake. He also suggests that even with such mistake, the Nazis could have won the war if they would of just stuck to sensible strategies. .
             Hitler insisted upon attacking the hardest part of the enemy, rather than more vulnerable areas. He refused to allow the troops to give an inch of space. Alexander shows how poorly Hitler understood the way to fight the war. .
             Besides dealing with Hitler's inability to understand tactics and strategy, Germany also had to deal with Hitler's ego and temper. In several cases, Hitler changed the direction of the war, just because of his anger. When the British bombed Berlin, Hitler changed his own air tactics to move bombing from a strategic place, to bombings that affected civilians. .
             Hitler was not the only one to make mistakes. Alexander points out that the leaders of Britain, and the U.

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