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            Hitler: Ein Verruckt gemachtes Psychopath.
             "The soul and the hour meet each other. What is given to us, we have to do." These were the comforting words by world-renowned rabbi and concentration camp survivor at Theresienstadt, Leo Baeck, who was known as "The Pope of German Jews." Baeck realized it was essential to keep one's faith and put it into action during his stay in the concentration camp.
             Leo Baeck was born on May 23, 1873. He grew up in a time when anti-Semitism was a kept a secret in Germany. After Germany's defeat in WWI, he watched as anti-Jewish thoughts spread, and as they ultimately led to the murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. Baeck was sent to Theresienstadt, which held nearly 60,000 Jews and anyone else the Nazi's persecuted. In the camp, Baeck helped other prisoners that suffered from an infectious disease known as typhus. He also wrote parts of a book that were later published. Then, he learned about the horrid taking place in the camps, especially at Auschwitz. Baeck chose not to share his newly acquired news for he feared it would only overwhelm them. He wanted to keep their hopes alive. Then, as the war ended on April 30, 1945, and a week after Hitler's suicide, Baeck was freed from the camp. Eleven years later, Baeck died on November 2. In his honor, the German government issued a postage stamp with his picture.
             The Holocaust was in part to the sole responsibility of the German people, not Adolf Hitler. As to whether or not something like the Holocaust will ever happen again, I believe it is already has. And if I could travel back in time knowing what I know, I would let Hitler live.
             In Germany post WWI the economy was in ruins. The German people were unemployed and becoming bankrupt. The farmers were hurting and feared they would fall into the lower class. They blamed the economic downturn on unemployed people being unwilling to work. By this time, the German government had fallen apart and new elections were held.

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