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The Phenomenon of Perfume

            Perfumes are known to exist since the earliest human civilizations. Both ancient texts and archaeological digs present us with the original samples and recipes of perfume making. However, the modern age of perfumery dates back to the late 19th century when perfumers commercially synthesized aroma compounds, such as vanillin and coumarone to compose perfumes with smells that could not be previously obtained solely from natural ingredients. Thus, perfume presents a mixture of aroma compounds (fragrant essential oils), solvents and fixatives used to provide a pleasant scent. Odoriferous compounds used to make up a perfume can be made naturally from plant or animal sources or manufactured synthetically. Thus, many of today's perfumes are made of synthesized odorants. This is because synthetics provide fragrances that cannot be retrieved from the purely natural compounds. For instance, synthetic aromatics are often applied as alternate source that cannot be easily retrieved from natural ingredients. .
             With regard to the alternative methods of perfume-making, you can simply use the available natural resources and then pass to the more complicated techniques. The flowers and the fragrance of flower gardens alone can serve as perfect natural source for perfume making. Hereby, you can use your own garden to select optimal floral material to make alternative versions of perfumes. .
             You are to use your smell senses to spot the available natural materials. In addition to various sorts of available flowers, also try not to overlook such essential fragrant materials as pine needles and cones. Even the bark of the trees and leaves produce exclusive aroma. You can also gather oil from the peels of fruits, as well as seeds and nuts which altogether produce aroma. .
             In this individual case however, you will not be able to use all these materials as you don't know how to extract fragrant oils from many of the listed ingredients as the process requires technological intervention.

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