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             Is there a relationship between olfactory function and state of mind?.
             Over the years, considerable research has been conducted into our sense of smell. These studies argue that the sense of smell is the most powerful sense due to its link with our state of mind. As humans, we prefer to use our sense of smell and hearing over smell. We "see" the world largely through eyes and ears, often suppressing our awareness of what our nose has to tell us. Many of us have been taught that there is something shameful about odors.
             In order to understand the foundation for this argument, it is necessary to consider the results of a number of different studies done on olfactory function as it relates to our mental state. This paper will include studies done on the sense of smell and its link to depression, schizophrenia, and memory. By evaluating these studies and their results, it will be possible to recognize the premise of this argument. .
             Before exploring these studies, one must first know how the olfactory system works. How we smell is a very complex process involving a part of our nose and various parts of our brain. We have the ability to recognize up to 10,000 separate odors but each thing we smell must be volatile in order for our senses to be able to detect and identify it ("How" Angelfire 1). Internally, the olfactory epithelium located on the roof and upper part of both walls of the nasal cavity are the part of the nose that detects odors. This epithelium "contains some 5 million olfactory neurons, plus their .
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             support cells and stem cells [. . .] each topped by a least 10 hair-like cilia" ("How" 1). During normal breathing the inhaled air slightly touches the cilia so that odors can be detected from the environment. For detection to occur, the cilia are covered with a thin film of mucous that is necessary to dissolve the chemicals in the gaseous substance that carries the odor.

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