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Fear Manipulations in Literature

             This paper explores the research question "How is fear being manipulated by literary elements in horror and thriller genres, as illustrated in Patrick Suskind's Perfume and Bram Stoker Dracula? ". Through an analysis of the concept of fear, and the examination into the depth of the use of literary elements that are employed in the two works, the question regarding the development of readers' fear in the horror and thriller genres is explored. .
             After a brief summary of the two novel, the research question is explored through the analysis of different literary elements, how the author employ each literary elements to achieve the development of fear and how they influence the readers' fear. The four different literary elements discussed are: Character Development, Novels' structure, Magical .
             Realism and Narrative.
             Diction is explored through an analysis of the choice of diction use by the authors as well as the back-stories of each protagonist in both novels, its effectiveness in influencing the readers' fear. Novel's Structure is discussed by examining the style of the each novel's structure and their twist endings. Magical realism is explored through an analysis of the metaphors and imagery that the authors employ to portray the protagonist's supernatural abilities. Narrative is discussed by examining the point of views that each authors uses and its effectiveness upon instilling the development of readers' fear. Through the research and evaluation of the two novels it is clearly expressed how authors' literary elements as well as techniques have a large influence in the development of fear in the horror and thriller genres.
             294 words. .
             Horror and thrillers have always been one of readers' favorite novel genres around the world. However, there is not much curiosity about exactly how these two genres have become such important genres in literature. One could say that their fame came from the significant element that forms the genres themselves: the sense of fear.

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