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Literature Reaction Essay - 1984

            In George Orwell's novel, "1984," it shows a world of deep government control. A world where thoughts can be perceived as treason and language is rewritten to prevent individualism; a world opposite of utopia, and dystopian world. A totalitarian government is in placed ruling the people by psychological manipulation, controlling "news" or information to the masses, surveillance, and even physical violence to maintain its power. The world that Winston Smith lives in, is a world where it has advance technology but is used to the government's best interest. Telescreens and hidden microphones are everywhere, including the homes of all citizens, which can never be turned off. The party uses this technology to monitor the members all the time.
             Technology is also used to help rewrite history and other information to keep the people from having any thoughts that are their own. This leads to another aspect of the world, where language is used for mind control. If you can control language you can control a person's thought, eliminating a person's capability of formulating ideas, coming to conclusions, expressing unique individualism and questioning motivates. Controlling thoughts of human can put one in control of rebellious thoughts or risings up against the government. To do this, the party invents a new language to do just that, Newspeak. Newspeak is the official language of Oceania that limits words used in any conversations, that has to do with expressing thoughts and emotions. It removes rebellious thoughts that may incur, and has no negative words. For instance, the world bad is turned into "ungood" and very bad is "double plus ungood"; this allows people to disconnect from everything around them, becoming robots. Newspeak is broken down into 3 distinct groups of vocabulary words. The first group is everyday words like eating, drinking and working; this is still reduced in number but is somewhat still kept.

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