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The Literary Influences Of Contemporary Magic

            Since the dawn of time man has been faced with unexplainable phenomenon that has amazed, confused, frightened, and beguiled for centuries. Primeval man witnessed lightning bolts and thunder and believed it to be magic and sorcery of the gods, and not scientific activity. Early magicians are recorded in ancient Egypt, as early as 2700 BC, performing unexplainable acts, which later became the influence for pieces written over 3000 years later and the performances of contemporary magicians. Even the early Greeks and Romans leaned towards magic and sorcery of the gods and goddesses as explanations for the origins of many things, as well as for the causes of weather. Early magic found its roots in people trying to pay homage to the gods, but soon it was evolving in Europe and North America into forms of entertainment. Magic, as entertainment, is a phenomenon within today's society acknowledged by billions because past literature has successfully portrayed a foundation of ideas and inspirations for contemporary magicians to expand and build on. .
             When early man saw the flash of a lightening bolt and heard the crash of the thunder, he truly believed he was witnessing the magic of the gods. Man-made magic came when these less civilized people began to pay homage to their own gods. The original attempts at magic were fairly crude and elementary, however displayed a level of mystery and ambiguity that could beguile many humans of lesser mental standing (www.historyofmagic.com). Due to a lack of resources and technology, the early forms of magic revolved mainly around tricks involving fire, animals, and other natural phenomena manipulated.
             Whereas primeval magic was influenced by natural phenomenon such as lightening, early civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans, as well as contemporary magicians, draw a percentage of their magical influence from the numerous myths of gods and goddesses whom they feared and worshipped.

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