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I Could Make a Difference

            If I was given one year to do service for others, I would first indulge my time serving children in the Middle East. I would do this by schooling children that don't know how to read or write, and help them gain knowledge of knowing how to read and write. Education is very precious to the world in general. .
             Looking at the example of September 11, we see the different effects that education can cause. What I mean by this is if children in Afghanistan had knowledge of what was going on, they could have grown up to be the leaders in Afghanistan. If it were possible, then the Taliban most likely wouldn't have been in existence. If educated children were running the country of Afghanistan, we might not have had to deal with the traumas of September 11. .
             I believe if I can have one year to teach one child numerous things, then I can make a difference in a nation as a whole. If one child will learn and understand at least one lesson, then he or she will teach his or her siblings, who go on to teach their friends, family, and etc. The ripple effect of knowledge has to begin with only one person, and then go on to educate the rest of the world. .
             I imagine that in one year I would spend in the Middle East, I possibly could change civilization with just the powers of education alone. While in the Middle East for one year, I could also address the people of the Middle East about the different health issues that many people don't know about. In doing so, this could save many lives of children that may be growing up in homes that are not sanitary. Many of the Middle Eastern countries have problems getting water due to the droughts they receive; however, many don't care about the condition of the water. Many people also get their water from the close rivers, but don't think about how people and animals may bath in those rivers or wash clothing. Little things like these can make a difference in the health of many people in the Middle East.

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