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Experiencing Differences

             Everyone is different in their own unique way. In life people have to experience differences every day. For example, not one person looks exactly the same, therefore, they different. I am different from my family and friends because we all have different ambitions and ideas of what we want out of life. But there is one difference between me and a friend that I will never forget.
             Throughout my sixth grade year of elementary school, I befriended an African American girl named, Crystal. Race for me was not an issue here. I noticed she was a different color than me but we still had similar personalities. We were best friends. At the end of the year my mother let me invite a few friends over to have a swimming party. Of course I would have to invite Crystal. I handed out the invitations. In a week we would all be swimming and having a great time. But Crystal would not be there.
             When I invited Crystal to the party I had no idea that my dad had issues with race. He grew up in an all white neighborhood and had very little confrontations with African Americans. A day before my party my dad asked me who would be attending. He recognized all the girls I had named except Crystal's. He began asking me about her. He asked me what her last name was. "Garrett," I replied. Right then my dads face tightened. He became interested. "Is she one of the Garrett's that live on Hay Hollow Road?" he asked. "yes," I stated. "Well is she black?" he asked. In the town I town I live in everyone knows that if your last name is Garrett you are African American. When my dad found out she was black he made some nasty comments and refused to have a black person at his house swimming. I was incredibly upset. How could my dad be so mean? He didn't even know her. The next day at school I had to approach Crystal and tell her she could not come. Crystal did not say anything but I could tell by her face she was upset.

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