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Culture differences

             Arriving in WSU, almost everyone around me is Caucasian. Of course, there are still some foreign students from other countries just as myself. Therefore, it seems a cultural gathering on our campus. We cannot help speaking English in order to communicate with others. Thus, some problems will be shown because of cultural difference.
             First of all, the most impressive event was that someone asked me that do you have pizza, hamburger, or pasta in your country? It really made me laughing. We definitely have those foods in Taiwan. Nevertheless, people who have different cultures from me dont understand what my country is. Especially when they have no idea about your country, they will have those funny questions. As for me, I also would be curious and ask a lot of questions when I met foreigners. Due to asking, I could get more details and understanding of the culture. Thus, isnt it a good way to realize a new culture? .
             Besides, I found that some Americans might have stereotype to other culture. They couldnt imagine which style people live out of United State. In my opinion, it may be related to huge America territory. Although America owns extensive territory, it's much easier to narrow the world outlook of Americans. However, many schools try to carry out a program that makes American students know more about other countries and cultures. I believe that the program will help American students a lot, especially after they go to work.
             Furthermore, I live in the dormitory with my America roommate. She's interested in a strange culture, so we exchange many culture differences. Therefore, I will take some for examples. My roommate, Anna, she's surprised that I wash my underwear everyday. She told me that Americans wouldnt do this, and they would wash clothes once a week by washing machines. Most Americans consider that they dont want to spend much time on housework; instead, they would like to do some other activities meaningful for them.

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