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             The term culture has been defined as" a learned system of meaning, behavior" from one generation to the next, and as "all the customs, values, and traditions that are learned from one's environment." In every culture there is a set of people who have common and shared values; customs, habits and rituals; systems of labeling, explanations and evaluations, social rules and behavior; perceptions regarding human nature, natural phenomena,, interpersonal relationships, time and activities; and symbols, art and artifacts. Culture then acts as a unifying influence(The Practical Skeptic).
             The provocative film Sound and Fury and the article Deaf to Good Sense by John Leo help to raise questions about whether or not our society is correct striving for normalization for all members, or is there a group of people who are united in the conviction that a new culture has developed among the disabled This culture can be likened to that of deaf people, who have long had their own language. What happens, though to an individual who has just gotten a cochlear implant and is able to talk on the phone for the first time? Is this truly a happy moment? Immediately, he/she is rejected by his/her deaf friends. Exactly where does one belong?.
             There is a new militant attitude among many of the disabled, sometimes including a willingness- even eagerness-to" bite the hands that would feed them." After decades of fighting for access to everything from colleges to buses, the battle culminated in 1990. The most conventional thinking is that many say they would reject being cured even if it were possible, explaining that they have a" condition" not an illness. They feel it is up to the world to adapt to their needs, a process brought on by legislation and regulation and accelerated by technology; from power wheelchairs to voice activated computers. The disabled are the only minority group that anybody can join at any time.

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