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Universities and Academic Culture

            The meaning of culture has often been understood as referring to the practices, knowledge, beliefs, experience, attitudes and values, meanings, hierarchies and religion, that are shared by a particular group of people. When talking about a particular group, countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia or New Zealand come to mind. Culture is a way for an individual to find his or her identity. There are many different cultures all around the world that have their own language, tradition, cultural dance, food and other features. Communication plays a crucial part in culture. It would be difficult to understand how others behave if communication was not properly carried out between cultures. This cultural experience is also present in universities where it is known as academic culture.
             Every university has its own academic culture. Academic culture defines the attitudes and values of the lecturers and students. It is very important for students to know what academic culture involves if they wish to do well in their study programs. Attitudes and values show students the way of behaving. Lecturers expect students to behave in a certain way; such as being punctual and organised. Students are also expected to be independent, critical thinkers, and become exposed to the different learning and teachings than what they are use to during high school. The reasons why students need to understand what academic culture involves is so that they can adapt to the academic environment as a university/higher education student. .
             In Avondale College or in any university, engaging with academic culture will benefit students and help them to improve their grades and aim for a successful career. If this is understood, students will engage and participate effectively in the educational environment. This means being involved in classroom discussions, attending all classes, paying attention and taking notes and many more.

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