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The Conflict Between Academics And Athletics

            The Conflict between Athletics and Academics.
             Athletics and academics go hand and hand, in college. There is a direct correlation between the two. Aristotle said, "Physical fitness and mental fitness go hand and hand." Although many people would say that this correlation is negative, it usually depends on the level of competition or commitment made by the athlete. The real truth behind this correlation is that athletics are good for academics. The "dumb jock" stereotype has a long history in American culture. But only in the 1970s did the media begin seriously examining whether student-athletes were indeed students. For the last two decades, the NCAA has passed rules that attempt to mandate that athletes get an education. (Funk) There are many reasons why this is true and one of the biggest reasons is because of the discipline athletes have toward their sport carries over to their school work and personal life. "When you leave home and you don't have somebody on you, telling you to go to class . You've got to have tough discipline," Said John Cooper, a junior wide receiver. .
             Many colleges now have a program for athletes called, "Academic Planning." Academic planning is put together by each school. The extent of the help an athlete gets from academic planning depends on the school and their program. Many programs offer things like monitoring an athlete's progress in their classes, with G.P.A. reports. Academic planning is usually held with the schools counselors to monitor their school work and make sure their grades do not slip. These counselors also help athletes set goals, plan for graduation, and help discover career interests. The students are assisted in course selection to make sure they are taking the right classes in order to graduate, and avoid conflicts with class and sport related events. Many schools have requirements for students that are the same for student-athletes. There are also many schools whose requirements for student-athletes are much higher than those for the rest of the student body non-athletes.

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