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Title IX and Women in Sports

            Title IX has had an major impact in schools and for many women. Title IX was an act passed that allowed women to play sports. It was also used to create more opportunities for women, and ensure fair treatment. Without Title IX being passed, it is likely that the opportunities for women in sports today would not exist. Even though women have gone through a lot, they have gotten to a point where choices and opportunities have to come. However, even with Title IX in place it often seems that there remains a discrepancy between opportunities offered to the two sexes. Even with the passing of Title IX, women are still treated unfairly.
             About Title IX.
             Title IX has made a significant impact on society. Especially the women who desire to participate in a variety of sporting activities. However, with the development of increased opportunities comes an increase of level of expectations. Having so many commitments and expectations, Title IX has also cause many conflicts. This new law says that women should have the right to do any sport they want, and have has many opportunities as the male gender. Except when women do not get that chance to participate in activities that they feel are deserved or promised they are more inclined to act out and this may cause dissention between men and women. "On May 20, 1974 the amendment was rejected, and on May 27, 1975 president Ford signed the Title IX athletics regulations and submitted for congressional review" (Women's Sports Foundation). Then finally on "June 23, 1972 Title IX was passed (10 Key Areas of Title IX), around thirty five years ago" (10 Key Areas of Title IX). "Even though Title IX has been passed, many schools still are not in compliance with the law" (Sexism In Sports). .
             Women Before Title IX.
             Before Title IX was passed, limited would describe athletic offerings for women. Prior to Title IX, one in twenty seven girls played high school sports, until approximately one year before the act's passing, girls especially at the high school level, began leaving their traditional roles as spectators and became active participants in competitive sports (Play On).

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