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title IX

            Title IX: Liberation for Women or Discrimination Against Men?.
             Having a deep love for sports, I am appreciative that people have worked so hard .
             to make opportunities available to women in sports. Author Ruth Conniff explains my opinion of the .
             amendment in one sentence: "The effect of Title IX is evident in the freedom, strength, and joy of a whole .
             generation of young women." This new freedom has allowed and encouraged women to lead healthier .
             lifestyles by increasing their awareness of exercise, competition, and the idea of being physically .
             fit. It has also broadened women's horizons in mental, emotional and social aspects: Through .
             sports, women not only discover their own talents and abilities, but they become stronger .
             mentally by a feeling of equality and accomplishment. .
             Of course, there are also negative opinions of Title IX and people do argue adamantly against .
             the effects of the law. The different interpretations of Title IX combined with different attitudes about its .
             cause have caused much debate as to how the amendment gets away with "discriminating" against male .
             teams. Some people argue that even though Title IX is supposed to "prohibit sexual .
             discrimination in federally assisted education programs", the discrimination has not diminished, it .
             has simply crossed the gender boundary. Some men's sports have seemed to disappear .
             because of lack of funding since Title IX came into effect, and opponentsof the amendment are .
             quick to blame the "discriminating acts" that Title IX enforces. People who oppose Title IX .
             believe that it is not fair because even though interest and participation in women's sports has .
             blossomed since Congress passed the amendment in 1972, it still cannot compare to the extent .
             at which males are involved in sports, simply because men's sports have had time to grow and .
             participation has always been encouraged. Conniff states that "Opponents of the law say it forces schools .

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