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Title IX

             When you think about women being oppressed or discriminated against, the first thing you think about is the suffrage or voting movement. You may also think about the women's role in America's work place, and how it has been a struggle to get a job let alone be promoted. Men have been discriminating against women since the beginning of time, making them feel as if they were subordinate and less worthy. When women finally got the right to vote, men thought it was the end of the world and that women were being given to much power. Women can now vote, and women many women are now at the top of many businesses, but still there is another aspect of this oppression, an aspect that many over look. What I am talking about is called equal rights at federal institutions or Title IX. In 1972 President Richard Nixon passed a bill know as Title IX. The purpose of this bill is to stop sex discrimination at federally funded institutions. This law can be applied to all facets of education, but it is most commonly affiliated with sports. On page 430 of out textbook, Title IX is discussed as one of the most controversial steps in ensuring and promoting equality. Schools must follow certain guidelines and must implement a policy of equality for men and women of risk the possibility of losing federal funding. Another facet of the equality part of the bill is that there must be an equal number of men and women's sports programs. This has caused many schools to have to add women's programs even if it is at the expense of men's programs. .
             Title IX has accomplished some great things over the years, recently a women's soccer coach commented on how the number of teams participating in the national tournament has doubled over the last two year, so it is helping out women's sports immensely. Today, D-1 women's programs outnumber male programs 8,156 to 7,506 and the number of women participating in high school sports has gone up from 300,000 in 1972 to over two million.

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