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Title IX

             Since the government wasn't enforcing Title IX enough, women started filing lawsuits and civil rights complaints against their institutions in order for schools to comply with Title IX. Since 1990 hundreds of lawsuits and Civil Rights complaints were filed under Title IX and Equal Rights Amendments against many Universities and high schools for gender discrimination. These women where quite succesful in getting theirs points across, many of them won their cases. In result to their successes in court many schools upgraded girl's club sports to varsiety status, reinstated teams that were to be cut, and increased female coaches to equal pay (3). .
             As much as Title IX has done for women's sports it is having a devastating impact on men's sports. Instead of adding women's athletic opportunities to satisfy gender quotas, colleges are destoring men's opportunities in athletics by dropping many men's sports, such as wrestling, men's gymnastics, and men's swimming, some have gone as far as cutting football programs. Since 1991, 20,800 male sports have been eliminated while only 5,800 women's sports have been added. Title IX has now turned into a gender quota, something that was never intended by Congress (5).
             The problem began when the OCR looked to deep into Title IX and inforced their new quota-oriented ideas as if they were the law. This was never approved by Congress. The OCR requires that government funded schools have approximatley the same percentage of female athletes as its ratio of female undergraduates. An example, would be if a school's population is 57percent (the national average) then that school's athletes must be at least 57 percent female. This presumes that women want to participate in sports as much as men do. There is no excection for the "nontraditional" undergraduates (students older than 23), who are now making up almost half of the countries college students.

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