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Title IX

            I think that in general Title IX has had a positive impact on sport. I believe that people are looking for the wrong answers to come from that legislation. Title IX can not provide money-making athletic programs to support the legislation and it can not force the people in charge of ensuring that Title IX is carried out to do so in manner that resembles a men's program. I believe that Title IX has gotten the ball rolling on creating new girls programs in the youth and high school level as well as the collegiate level, but for some people that is not just enough. People want one of the effects of Title IX is for coaches of women's teams to make a comparable salary to their counterparts coaching the same men's sports. I completely disagree with that.
             Granted, Title IX has forced the emergence of girls/women's programs all over the nation. I believe that has been greatly beneficial to sport. I agree that women deserve the same opportunity as men in regards to recreational programs as well as the chance to earn a college scholarship by playing a sport. According to Susan Leitao, associate director of programs at Northeastern's Center for the Study of Sport in Society, "Girls who play sports are more likely to finish high school, they have lower pregnancy rates, and they"re less likely to take up smoking and drinking." That in and of itself shows the positive effect of Title IX. .
             Generally the cash cows for major universities are the men's sports. Within men's programs the main money producer is football. Women's programs just do not compare the revenues generated by men's sports. Therefore, of course the colleges must comply with correct proportionality of women's programs, but they just "throw" these teams together and become unconcerned with anything else associated with those teams. Their only concern is to be sure and field that team year in and year out without dishing out too much money and no major problems.

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