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May the Best Man Win

             For my entire life, I have heard the old adage "May the best man win." Growing up and being competitive in all sorts of athletics, I have always believed in and lived by that saying. Recently I have begun to reach adulthood, and realize now that this saying is no longer true. The reason for the best man not always winning any more is affirmative action. Affirmative action today, is considered to be one of the most controversial dilemmas facing our equal rights status. It affects higher education, the workforce, and every American's civil rights. I believe that affirmative action violates the norms of achievement and has increased racial tension in America.
             President John F. Kennedy issued executive order 10925 in March of 1961 establishing a presidential committee on equal employment opportunity. This was believed to help end employment discrimination in our United States government. The order stated that our government would not discriminate against any employee due to race, creed, color, or national origin. Three years later The Civil Rights Act of 1964 expanded this order and set the stage for the birth of affirmative action (Cahn xi). In the past 30 years, this action has actually begun to do the exact opposite of what it was set up to do. Daily debates arise whether it is truly equal or fair. It betrays the vision of equal rights and causes reverse discrimination in jobs and educational opportunities (Bolick 50). .
             Affirmative action not only damages students, but it can also hurt academic programs and cause racial tension on school grounds. This sort of school life damages the entire academic environment. There is now an argument that many minorities .
             admitted to schools are prematurely dismissed and they are complaining that they have been emotionally damaged. These students are bitter and betrayed when they fail at what they did not deserve and are suspended from the university.

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