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midnight in the garden of good

             "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a wonderfully subtle work and well told story of life in Savannah, during the 8 years the New York based Esquire magazine columnist spend." (Novelist). The novel tells about a conflict with the author and a drag queen, a conflict with the supernatural and the voodoo priestess, and most important the trial between Williams and Hansford. The most unbelievable characters are the priestess and drag queen. The author tells about the characters in a believable way which makes the reader think that there are real people like them living today. The trial is a believable subject because that particular case can happen in any town. All the characters come together in the novel to explain life in Savannah.
             Midnight is about southern living in Savannah Georgia. "Savannah is a beautiful place that has been completely overlooked by the rest of the country and writers. The story would not have worked as well in a different setting."(LRC, 2). The book discusses different people and how they lived. For example, Savannah had drag queens to lawyers living in that town. Unfortunately, the most popular guy was the first white man that had been tried in court 4 times for murder. "Midnight might be the first true crime book that makes the reader want to call a travel agent and book a bed and breakfast for an extended weekend at the scene of the crime." (SRC, 108).
             Berendt went to Savannah in hopes of writing a book about the town, and "watch events unfold with each unique person living there." (Schoolman, 413). Berendt made friends with all the southern people. He said "Savannah is an isolated environment with its own rules, where each person you meet is stranger then the next." (SRC, 108). Berendt takes all the true facts about the town and twist them up to make his book more interesting. His stories about the southern people are refined and wickedly funny, yet told in a splendid manner.

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