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             Bolivia is located in the heart of South America. a large country with a small population of 7 Million. Sandwiched between Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.
             La Paz, one of the two capitals of Bolivia, nicknamed the city that touches the clouds, is one of the highest cities on earth and the center of Bolivian legislative government, culture and tourism. La Paz is the legislative capital of Bolivia, the largest city. The legal capital, home of the Supreme Court, is in Sucre. This description is a good introduction to La Paz, and Bolivia in general. Not as often visited as other countries, Bolivia is the most Indian country in South America, and you'll experience the language, primarily Spanish and Quechua, the culture and customs first hand. .
             The Altiplano is a high plateau, 12,000-13,000 feet above sea level, which lies between the Occidental and Oriental ranges. It broadest point is over 200 miles north Lake Poopo, where the Andes reach their greatest width, approximately 400 miles. The Altiplano is divided into a number of basins by spurs of the Andes. The northernmost of these basins, which extends into Peru, is partly occupied by the Lake Titicaca, at 12,507 feet, the world's highest large.
             Bolivia, Sandwiched between Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile and straddling the Andes, Bolivia is known as the "Tibet of the Americas- because it is the highest and most isolated of the Andean nations located in South America. .
             About twice the size of Spain, Bolivia possesses nearly every possible climate and terrain from the snow capped peaks of over 21,000 feet to the to the semi-tropical lowlands to the steaming jungles of the Bolivian Amazon Basin. Unfortunately, the country became landlocked in 1880 when it lost its sea cost to Chile in the Pacific War. Offsetting this one missing element is Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable inland sea in the world. Boasting crystal blue waters, reed boats and islands known for pre-Colombian ruins .

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