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Narrative Analysis - Life and Culture

            Culture is modified by the experiences in life, education and the things parents teach an individual. In this case, culture affects how an individual live their life. Moreover, it clear that the individual knows how culture is related to identity. Culture defines an individual thoughts, perceptions in life, and how they relate to the world. Culture can affect the identity of an individual either negatively or positively (Howitt, 2013). However, the respondent states that culture can only affect an individual in a good way. The characters, behaviors and perceptions will identify an individual. For instance, if an individual has good experiences in life and was brought up well, they tend to show the world their best side. Individuals who are polite and intuitive to others have positive identity to the world. Culture can also affect how an individual's views on responsibilities and duties in life. Individuals who like working hard enjoy their responsibilities in life due to their culture. .
             Education is a crucial factor to culture. Education can modify culture and shape an individual to become a better person. According to the respondent, education is most important to any family. Through education people learn new ways, perceive life better, and obtain knowledge and skills that would make their lives different. Education can also help an individual get rid of poor characters and make them become descent. The way people respond to time is also imperative. Punctuality according to the interviewee is important. People who are punctual tend to be viewed differently by other people. These people are focused, serious, and have a drive in life. Culture can increase discrimination based on race or other diversities. Overcoming discrimination and racism is important because it can affect an individual's life negatively. People judge others depending on their ethnicity, and gender among others. Many people have been discriminated in foreign lands due to their race.

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