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South Asian Culture Studies

            South Asian culture is still full of distinct and undefinable aspects. In the movies and popular literature it is represented as the culture of silence, religion and spirituality. This paper is aimed to discuss the representation of South Asian culture in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. On the contrary to traditional representation of India as strictly traditional country, this movie performs both traditional or historical component of Indian culture and the impact of western civilization on it. .
             The movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is rich for the representations of South Asian culture, Indian metaphysics and Indian spirituality. The key product of Indian culture is respect to traditions that is expressed via numerous forms (Hogan15). For instance, Hinduism is a religion of daily life, which means that Hindus practice daily rituals and follow the will of the parents. These rituals include the worship to gods by lustration via sacred food, sweets and flower petals. When Hindus approach to the figures of gods with fire and flowers, they always take sweets that are considered to be the gifts to gods. The Hindu cuisine is rich for kitchen herbs and sweets with high amount of calories. Taking into account that Hindu's food follows the religious doctrine such as Ayurveda, Hindus frequently follow abstinence. Thus, the representatives of South Asian culture live on the intersection of the world of gods and the world of humans. .
             In addition, it is necessary to mention the importance of dances and songs that have been initially used in religious rituals but serve as self-expression and entertainment in contemporary India. The celebrations and festivals are always accompanied by Indian music, songs, dances, bright clothes and communication between men and women. In addition, the clothes men and women wear plays significant role: during the weddings people wear bright cloth with numerous jewelries, whereas the funeral are spent in white clothes.

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