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Study of New Imperialism

            In the late nineteenth century, European nations sought to dominate countries in Asia and Africa, this period of time known as the "New Imperialism."" The drive to expand power pass European borders led to war and rivalry between European powers and their colonies. The drive for more land led European powers to force the people of the colonies to go against their religion, and these colonies were not strong enough to resist these powers. As Britain try to imperialize Africa and India, they lost control of their land and their culture and customs were destroyed when traditional figures were replaced. Throughout this period of time, many parts of Africa and Asia fell under European rule. Although Africa and Asia were negatively affected by imperialism of the West, it helped them to modernize and helped Europe to expand and manufacture cheaper goods. The New Imperialism was resulted from industrialized nations seeking control of foreign land for economic, political, and cultural aims, despite the fact the culture in Africa and Asia was affected negatively, colonizers did benefit from modernization. .
             Western civilization applied the concept of Social Darwinism to the human society. The idea was that they had no respect or appreciation towards certain religions and regions. They argued that "European races were superior to all others, and imperial domination of weaker races was simply nature's way of improving the human species. " ( Ellis, Esler 751) The West thought their race was better than any other race and felt the need to rule over other races. The British that ran the East India Company, required sepoys overseas which went against their Hindu religion because "overseas travel was an offense " ( Ellis, Esler 768) Furthermore, they were also told to "bite off the tips of cartridges.greased with animal fat " either from cows, which Hindus considered sacred, or from pigs, which were forbidden to Muslims.

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