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Imperialism of the 1880s

            From the 1850's to the 1900's, Europe was experiencing the New Imperialism. Countries like Britain, Germany, France, and the Netherlands were taking over parts of Asia and Africa. Economy, culture, and politics were factors that led to this new era of forced trade, colonization, and modernization. .
             France was one of the nations that participated in the New Imperialism. Their prime minister at the time, Jules Ferry, strongly supported the idea of Social Darwinism. In 1883, Ferry directly argued against those politicians who opposed his policies of imperialism in his speech given before the French National Assembly. He states, "It must be stated openly that, in effect,superior races have rights over inferior races." The new imperialism struck up many cultural questions for Europe. Europe felt that they must help save these small countries. they thought they could come in and take over because they were the inferior race to the Europeans. They thought of them as barbarians and thought they needed to use violence to conquer these poor little countries. they try to rescue every little country they thought was suffering such as India just to give one example. They thought that this was their duty to civilize these countries and force their culture on to them thinking it would help the countries thrive. the Europeans thought it would bring peace between the countries by them taking control of the lives and way the countries functioned do they would be the same as Europe. this obviously was wrong but the Europeans were blinded by their own culture that masked the other cultures. They forced upon christianity on the little countries because they felt this was the right way to help the countries with their morals and establish a better culture. .
             Imperialism from a Japanese Perspective.
             Previous to the "New" Imperialism, Japan was cut off from the rest of the world, until the United States sent Commodore Perry's black ship to coerce the Japanese into gunboat diplomacy.

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