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Colonialism in south east Asia

             "Colonialism in Southeast Asia was not always a pleasant or positive experience. Discuss this statement with reference to one country.".
             Colonialism was not always a pleasant or positive experience in the Philippines, which was colonised by the Spanish. There were many factors, which contributed to the unpleasant times in the Philippines. Which were violence, disagreement and tension between the local population and the colonizing forces.
             The violence, which occurred and caused unpleasant times and experiences during early colonisation had much to do with Spaniards. Who at that time were trying to colonize the Philippines in the middle of the 16th century. As the Spanish were Catholics, before they resorted to violence they decided to try and convert them. The Spanish government sent out Priests to the countryside to convert the locals and to establish the presence of a colonial state. When they succeeded in this more than half were Catholics which too, incorporated animalistic beliefs such as symbols and rituals. The violence did not occur until many centuries later when the Spaniards refused to treat them as equals. Rebellion against the Spaniards was the result. The Spanish who became fed up turned to violence and hence violent times arose. Their slaughter campaign continued for years, until the United States took control of the Philippines. These violent times in colonialism was not always a pleasant or positive experience, but it all had to take its toll to become an independent nation of today.
             Disagreement also caused an unpleasent experience in the Colonisation of the Philippines. They Spanish wanted the Philippines because of its prime position, which would open up new trading posts and expand trade in Asia. The Spanish were contented using the Filipinos soil for trading, but were not happy giving them a small amount of profit, that could help the country dramatically. This is where a lot of disagreement between the two cultures came from, which was largely based upon money.

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