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             Globalization is the process through which the world is being made into one place with systemic properties. This process is both historically variable and multidimensional. It involves interconnections across some boundaries and the dissolving of other boundaries. It also precipitates changes simply as myth relies on a superficial and ahistorical understanding of globalization. The study of globalization and of the global system constitutes a potential revolution in the social sciences. The basic essence of globalization is the convergence of all the countries out there, whether it's economically or politically. It is through this "homogenous" identity that we hope to unite all countries and erase the boundary lines.
             Aztec Society: Religion and War1.
             The Aztecs had their beginning in 1428 in the Valley of Mexico and later expanded to all of central Mexico form the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific as far south as Guatemala. This expansion of territory is largely due to their state religion, which leads to the murder of their enemies in ritualistic mass human sacrifices or as an instrument of state terror or victims being consumed as a source of protein. The Aztec society changed from a non-distinct social structure to a more stratified society in the sixteenth century in which the warrior aristocracy had the greatest power, and where woman played the most important role in the household. The position held by the women does not reflect the homosexual practices exhibited by the men, this practice has a special meaning: it is to prevent the rape of pubescent females and to control sexual activities. After reading the article I was glad that there was a separation of Church of State. It is true that the religion played an important role in the Aztecs gaining more territory and wealth, but it did ultimately lead them to their destruction. The Aztec religion governed all within the Aztec society.

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