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Asian American History

             A brief of Asian American History.
             People move from one place to other place for better opportunities, better life, and chances of advancement. The people move one part of country to another part of country i.e. is called migration. The migrations are occurred due to reasons likes environment, climate and seasonal jobs etc. The people are living on the hill during the cold weather move to plane area for better climate situation and escape themselves from cold and icy weather. It is easy to move one part of country to other part of country; however, the people move one country to other country is entirely different. Sometimes the people lost their life, nears and dears, culture and heritage. It is very hard to adjust in the entire new world, where immigrates face problems of culture, harassments, language and prejudice etc. I got a chance to read experiences, problems, harassments, stereotypes, discriminations and slaveries of Asian American people in the book "A history of Asian Americans Strangers From A Different Shore by Ronald Takaki." During this reading I realized that people had wanted to back home, however, majority of people did not get a chance to go back to own country and finally adopted the Americanize culture. This is also happened to me, I thought hundred times to go back to my country India, but it is very hard for me. The people are very interested to come in this new world call land of immigration. The majority of immigrations population of this paradise of the world belong the Asian countries. The process started with Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indian. Some reasons play role to these immigrations e.g. more population less land, constantly fighting between the Asian countries, lack of job opportunities and American dreams.
             History of Asian American is concentration on the experiences and stories of early immigrations. How the people came in this country? Why they came in this country? What types of problems they went through? Their experiences are discussed in this paper.

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