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The influence of American culture in Asia

            Many critics will argue that the term "American culture" in itself, is an oxymoron. They would argue that the Americans have wealth, power and stability, but absolutely no moral values. Be as that may, no one can argue with the fact that as much as the critics might refuse to admit, Americans do indeed have a way of living, a style, a culture that has forced its way into most established societies in the modern world. Particularly, American culture has had a large impact on Asia.
             There are several aspects to American culture, some of which have been damaging, some of which have had a positive influence, most of which have had some manner of impact and influence on our society.
             Throughout history, Asia has always had some form of contact with America, and be it Japan, Korea or Vietnam, Asia is relatively familiar territory to the Americans. Though these relationships date way back into the last century, they are in no way the channel through which American culture has been pumped into Asia. The influx of American culture in our society is something that began in the late 80's and the early 90's. It is possible that this may have something to do with the internet, which around that time became more accessible to Asians. .
             Coca-Cola and McDonald's are but two examples of this phenomenon. A prime example of a symbol whose popularity skyrocketed in a short period of time is Nike. The American pop culture of sportswear worn as regular clothing is responsible for Nike's phenomenal success in Asia, with some 3 million employees just in this region today. Another worthy example is the coffee drinking trend, which has spawned a new generation of coffee addicts, and a sub-culture of its own, commonly known as "coffee culture". This sees coffee beans from Java and Sumatra, among other Asian destinations, being harvested and exported overseas, where they are "Americanized", repackaged, and sent back to the more affluent parts of Asia.

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