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Reference Groups Asians

            From the beginning of the 1960's, the immigration rate for Asian's have .
             1990 and 2000 the Asian American population increased nearly four times as fast as the .
             U.S. population as a whole. This increase in population trends have a dramatic impact .
             upon buying power, or disposable personal income of this particular group. This .
             particular market is said to be the most affluent population segment amongst other .
             minority classes. I will discuss the implications of the Asian American Market as well as .
             the factors that play major roles and key trends which highlight and estimate the size and .
             growth of the purchasing power of Asian Americans. .
             This report details the effects of consumer behavior of Asian Americans and shows their .
             buying patterns with the use of demographics and pyschographics. Asian American .
             media is discussed and marketing and advertising strategies employed in the Asian .
             American market are analyzed. .
             The Asian American market represents high population growth, high income, .
             high education, and most importantly, high involvement. This demographic overview .
             tells us that Asian Americans have higher incomes than any other population group in the .
             United Sates. The mean income of Asian Americans 15 years of age and over was 9% .
             higher than that of the population as a whole. Asian Americans who work on a full-time, .
             year-round basis are more likely than their counterparts in other minority groups to earn .
             50,000 or more. Although Asian Americans account for a relatively small share of the .
             general and multicultural population, their purchasing power is disproportionately large .
             due to their above-average income. Asians make up 13% of the population but wield .
             20% of the total purchasing power of the principal minority groups in the United States. .
             When measuring buying power within the Asian group, Chinese are the largest segment .
             of the Asian American market, with an aggregate annual income of $62.

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