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American Culture and the Influence of Technology

            In today's world media is the fundamental thing that the majority of Americans look to for current news, trends, latest gossip, and base how the normal type of living should be. Many things factor into the ideas put into Americans heads. For instance, pop culture, the hip current trends and interests of people and gossip; technology, the advances today that control most Americans daily lives; and how these things positively and negatively affect the American culture today.
             When I was younger, about the age of seven, Britney Spears was the highlight of the media I knew of. She was also the prettiest person I had ever seen and, of course, I loved her music. So much that I would keep a poster of her album cover on my wall. One day I was really down on myself because she was so famous, had perfect hair, skin, and the whitest teeth. However, my mother reassured me that these posters were retouched and that she is no better than I am and to not think I had to be like Britney. This is just a small example of how celebrities can influence young girls and boys into thinking that they have to look like a model every time they go out. Or on the other end of the spectrum; when celebrities knowingly, and unknowingly, advertise doing drugs or getting into trouble (or getting away with) criminal acts, this could be portrayed as acceptable because they are happy and successful so why shouldn't you do these things to feel the same? .
             Which brings me to my next point in pop culture, the music. The popular music today is completely different form even fifty years ago. The songs played daily on the radio contain many sexual, racist, and sexist terms; plus the foul language is by and by becoming more acceptable and more of the explicit versions of songs are being played on public stations. For me this is not a big deal because I am mature enough to know what's right; however, the eight, nine, ten year olds listening to this may come to believe these words are normal or acceptable.

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