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Westernization and Traditional Cultures

            From clothes to coffee, food and movies, westernization is big and getting bigger worldwide. In China KFC is the most popular food franchise and Buick is the most selling car line. Yum Brands in China is opening a KFC store every day ("KFC's Explosive Growth in China," 2011). In the first place, fortunately or unfortunately it is a fact that many cultures are submerged with western culture. They find that the old ways of ancient tradition is quickly evaporating due to western influence. Moreover society today lives in an era of information where technology and media is increasing daily. Due to these steaming developments many cultures around the globe have felt the impact of westernization, where the influence of the western beliefs and values drastically has faded theses culture's language and tradition. .
             Both the media and technology in a whole has contributed to westernization. In like manner, this seems reasonable in the surface and can surely be seen in everyday life via the media. According to The Influence of American Popular Culture in the Global Media by Rebecca L. Osborn (May 2006), she mentions quoting Richard Pells. According to Rebecca, Pells asked a French official in 1989 "How one could not be alarmed?" (May 2006). French official replied, "television makes (children) lose all relationship with the culture of their parents and grandparents." By the same token, we can see this in every home and schools. Children trying to mimic similar clothing and styles like those shown on TV. In addition, the media has surely contributed to westernization for many decades. Although has its contribution has many positive influence, simultaneously it has been transforming the world slowly via westernization.
             In Nigeria Westernization has taken its toll due to the past British colonial influence and leadership which transferred the Nigerian cultures. Therefore, Native Nigerians were exposed to western values so Nigerians natives were forced to accept western values over their own unique Nigerian Culture.

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