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Decline of Traditional Native American Culture

            All over the world, you can find an immense number of different cultures; some very similar to one another and some completely unalike. Some ancient cultures have completely changed or have sadly even been forgotten entirely. The culture of the Native Americans has definitely not been an exception to this over the past years in America's history. Once long before the European settlers arrived in America, unique ways of live thrived which have today have almost disappeared. From religion, to clothing, and even Native American food, the culture is just not the same as it once was. With the European settlers came an enormous influence of western ways of life that impacted the native civilizations in countless ways that would never be undone. Although the traditional culture of Native Americans has significantly declined, there are still many attempts happening today to keep the traditional values alive. .
             The Native Americans lived a very simple and peaceful way of life. Although there were tribes all across the country who were each unique in their own way, they remained very similar with one another. All tribes lived off the land, hunting and gathering for their food and using natural resources for tools and clothing. Their homes were made of different plant materials and tools could even be made out of sticks and stones. Respect for the earth was also something highly practiced by the Native people, giving back to the land every time they took something from it. They made sure to use every part of a hunted animal for either food or clothing and took very good care of the land by only taking what they needed when it came to gathering food for their families. Their respect for the land is even shown through their oral stories on how things came to be. In their legends, everything is treated equally as if it was a person, whether they were referring to an animal, a tree, or even a rock.

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